Edward's Commonplace Book

This is the personal notebook, called a commonplace book of the SCA persona Edward Holgrove. It contains transcribed documents, notes. etc about the period known as the Military Revolution (app 1550-1650) with a heavy emphasis on the early 17th Century in England.

Duncan's Cavalier Webpage?

The first version of this site was created over a decade and at least two different servers ago when I was playing as Duncan Macquarrie. As of 2013 this is the most current version and I think I have ported most, if not all, of the content over here. If a page say DuncanWeb or Duncan's Cavalier Webpage you will have to accept my apologies for the confusion as I may not be able to make the change.

That was the name my lady and I came up with for our SCA household years ago. I still think of it as the name for the manor on which we will live someday and plant holly trees.