Household of an Earl

The Household of Henry Algernon Percy 5th Earl of Northumberland.

The list of those abiding in his household, Mich. 3 Henry VIII.

First My Lord 1. My Lady 1. My Young Lord and his brothers 3 And their servants 2 as to say a yeoman and a groom.

The Nursery 3 viz. 2 rockers and a child to attend in nursery.

Gentlewomen for my Lady - 3.

Chamberers for my Lady - 2.

My Lord's Brothers every of them with their servants 4 as to say if they be priests his chaplain his child and his horsekeeper and if he be otherwise his clerk his child of his chamber and his horsekeeper.

My Lord's head officers of household - 4.

First the chamberlain and his servants 7 viz. his chaplain, his clerk, two yeomen, a child of his chamber and his horsekeeper.

The Steward and his servants 4 charged as to say his clerk, his child, and his horsekeeper, and uncharged - 3 viz. his clerk, child and horsekeeper.

The Treasurer and his servants 3 as to say his clerk and his horsekeeper.

The Controller and his servants 3 charged viz. his clerk and his horsekeeper, and uncharged but his horsekeeper.

The Dean of the Chapel and his servant 2.

The Survisor and his servant 2.

Two of My Lord's Council and either of them a servant. 4.

The Secretary and his servant 2.

My Lord's Chaplains in household 6, viz. The Almoner and if he be a maker of interludes then he to have a servant to the intent for writing of the parts. And else to have none. The master of Grammer 1. a Chaplain to ride with my lord 1. The Subdean 1. the Gospeller 1. The Lady-Mass Priest.

Two Gentlemen Ushers and a servant betwixt them 3.

Two Carvers for my Lord and a servant betwixt them 3 - except they be at their friend's finding and then either of them to have a servant.

Two Servers for my Lord and a servant betwixt them 3 - except they be at their friend's finding and then either of them to have a servant.

Two cupbearers for my Lord and a servant betwixt them 3 - except they be at their friend's finding and then either of them to have a servant.

Two Gentlemen Waiters for the board end and a servant betwixt them 3.

Hansman and Young gentlemen at their friends finding 5. as to say Hansmen 3 and Young gentlemen 2.

Officer of arms - 1.

Yeomen Ushers of the Chamber 2.

Gentlemen of the Chapel - 9 viz. The Master of the Children 1. - Tenors 2. - Counter-tenors 4 - The Pistoler 2 - and one for the Organs.

Children of the Chapel - 6.

Two Marshalls of the hall and 1 servant betwixt them - 3.

Yeomen of the Chamber 6 - Yeomen Usher of the Hall 1. - Yeomen Waiters 5. Yeomen Officers of Household 11 - as to say Yeoman of the Robes 1. - Yeoman of the Horse 1. - Yeoman of the Vestry 1. - Yeoman of the Ewery 1. - Yeoman of the Pantry 1. - Yeoman of the Cellar 1. - Yeoman of the Buttery 1. - Yeoman Cook for the mouth 1. - Yeoman of the Bakehouse 1. - Yeoman of the Brewhouse 1. - And Yeoman Porter 1.

Grooms and Groom Officers of the Household 20 - viz. Grooms of the Chamber 5. As to say 3 ride with my Lord and one bide at home and one for my Lady - Grooms of the Wardrobe 3 viz. Groom of the Robes 1. Groom of the Beds 1. Groom of the Wardrobe for my Lady 1. - Groom of the Ewery 1. Groom of the Pantry 1. Groom of the Cellar 1. - Groom of the Buttery 1. - Grooms of the Kitchen 2 viz. a Groom for the mouth and a groom for the Larder Groom of the Hall 1. Groom Porter 1. Groom of the Stirrup 1. - Groom of the Palfreys 1. Groom Sumpterman 1. and Groom of the Chariot. 1.

Children for Offices in Household 6 viz. The Wardrobe 1. The Kitchen 1. The Scullery 1. The Stable 1. The Chariot 1. The Bakehouse 1. The Arrasmender 1. The Butchery 1. The Catery 1. and the Armoury 1.

Minstrells 3 viz. A Taboret a Lute and a Rebeck.

Footman 1. Falconers 2. Painter 1. Joiner 1. Hunt. 1. Gardener in House 1. viz The Gardener of the place where my Lord lyeth for the time to have meat and drink within.

Under Almoner of the Hall 1. - and to serve the grooms of the Chamber with Wood.

My Lord's Clerks in Household 10. viz. A Clerk of the Kitchen 1. A Clerk of the Signet 1. - Clerks of the foreign expenses 2. - Clerk of the Brevements 1. - Clerk Avener 1. - Clerk of the Works 1. - Clerk of the Wearing Book 1. - Clerk to write under the Clerks of the foreign expenses 2.

Milnar 1.

The whole number of all the said persons in Household is 166. Which is ordained by my Lord and his Council and shall not be exceeded but kept, always provided how they shall enter to their wages at their quarter days, as to Michaelmas, Christmas, Our Lady Day in Lent and Midsummer after the use and manner as is accustomed, that is to say, whosoever comes to my Lord's service in household within a month before any of the said four quarter days or within a month after then they to enter wages at the said quarter days. And if they come not within a month before or after any of the said four quarter days then they to tarry and not enter wages to the next quarter day that shall come after, without it shall please my Lord to reward them anything for it at his pleasure. Also whensoever the said number is not full then my Lord to be informed by his head officers that his Lordship may take in such as his Lordship shall think best for the fulfilling of the said number if the case so require.


Source: Northumberland Household Book, 43-49 as reprinted in English Historical Documents: 1485 - 1558C.H. Williams ed., Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1967, pp. 1088-89.