Edward Holgrove

Edward Holgrove, b. 1602:

Is a bookseller (maybe stationer but that seems legally tricky) in the city of Norwich which is the second-largest city in the kingdom in the 1630's.

Edward is also a member of the city's trayned bandes, a modern militia created in the reign of Elizabeth I. Some experience in the low countries has given Edward a firm grounding in military life.

Duncan Macquarrie:

Is a Highland soldier who served with King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in Germany killing Spaniards (Hey, it's a living!) during the Thirty Years War.

The Highlands of Scotland provided thousands of troops to serve in Ireland and on the Continent from 1550-1650. Mercenary captains were paid to bring whole regiments to serve. In the chaos of early seventeenth century Germany, many a fortune was won and lost.

SCA Awards/Affiliations:

Award of Arms, Goutte de Sange (grant of arms for service), Magister Ithra, Sergeant-at-Arms to the Baroness Seagirt, Order of the Seagull (local service award), Fellow of St. Giles College and Bardic Champion of Seagirt (A.S. L).

Real Life:

My real name is G. Edward (Ted) Godwin and I am a graduate of the University of Victoria (BA '89), in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


You can use the email: edward(dot)holgrove which is @gmail(dot)com.