Apprenticeship Indentures, 1638

Memorandum quod vltimo die Augusti 1638. Iohn Atkin of the City of Norwich Barbor Inrolleth an Indenture bearing Date the ffirst Day of May in the thirtenth yeare of the reigne of our souereigne lord Charles of England Scotland ffrance, and Ireland Kinge Defender of the ffaith &c. sealed by Lawrence Browne the sonne of Iohn Browne of Market Harling in the Countie of Norffolk yeoman whereby the said Lawrence Browne putteth himselfe an aprentice vnto the said Iohn Atkin his executors & assignes from the Day of the Date of the said Indentures vntill the end of seuen yeares Dureing which tearme the said Iohn Atkin for him his executors and assignes Covennteth to teach & informe the said Lawrence Browne in the art science & occupacion of a Musician and Barbor finding vnto him sufficient meate drinke lodging & apparrell aswell in lynnen as in woolen in sicknes as in health. And in the end of the said tearme to give him Double apparrell.

Memorandum quod eadem die Iohn Adkin of Norwich Barbor Inrouleth an Indenture bearinge Date the 20th of March 1638 sealed by Mathew Stanton sonne of Godfrey Stanton whereby the said Mathew Stanton putteth himselfe an apprentice vnto the said Iohn Adkin from the day of the Date of the said Indentures vntill the full end & tearme of Seaven yeares duringe all which tearmes the said Iohn Adkin Covenanteth with the said Mathew Stanton his apprentice to teach & in forme in the Arte & Science of Musicke & barbareinge findinge vnto him fittinge & convenient meate drincke & apparell Duringe the said tearme.


Source: Apprenticeship Indentures I, NRO: 16.d f 93 & f 108 , From: Norwich 1540 - 1642. Ed. David Galloway. Records of Early English Drama series. University of Toronto Press, 1984.