A Letter from Charles II when Prince of Wales commissioning Sir Edward Hopton to command a regiment of foot, July 4, 1648(?)

Charles Prince of Wales Great Duke of Albany and Cornwall. To Our trusty and most loved Sir Edward Hopton knight. Greeting. Whereas Our Regall Father by Commission under his Majesties great Seale, hath nominated and appointed Us Captaine Generall of all forces of horse and foot raysed, or to be raysed within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales; And hath also given Us full and ample power over the Militia thereof. Who by virtue of His Majesties said Commission I have constituted and engaged, and doe hereby constitute and ordayne you the said Sir Edward Hopton, Colonell of one Regiment of Horse, as also of one Regiment of foot which Regiments are so too by you raised and compleated, out of such number of Our ready and loyall Subjects, as shall submit themselves to your government, and conduct: And We doe by these presents give you full power and authority to assemble, arme, array, muster, traine, exercise and lead the said Regiments of Horse and foot; And so issue out your Warrants to all Constables, and other officers (whom they may concerne) for the execution of any of your military commands; As also to kill, slay or putt to flight, any person, or persons who shall any way oppose you in His Majesties service, and the execution of this commission: And to doe such other thing and things whatsoever, by seizing and secureing particular places, or otherwise as you shall find most conducible to the re-establishment of His Sacred Majestie Our Deare Father, and the restauration of the Protestant Religion, and the Laws of this Land to their pristine force and splendour. Given under Our Hand and Seale, the fourth day of July at Calais Anno Domini 1648.


    • Transcribed from a photograph in The English Civil War Armies by Peter Young, Osprey Publishing, Men-at-Arms Series, 1973, pg. 28.